Dolch First Grade Sight Words Mega Practice Pack and sample freebie!

Hey folks - Happy weekend!!
I am feeling somewhat guilty, as I promised you a February Writing Prompts Pack after the success of the Winter Writing Prompts Pack.  I do have it started, but unfortunately got a little distracted!
This distraction led me to getting involved in a huge project, more of which I will write about tomorrow.
A teacher friend in need contacted me to ask if I could make her a teaching resource for sight words for a particular group of kiddos - my ideas kinda snowballed from there, hence this 'distraction'!!   (Anyhoo, more of the distraction tomorrow!)
This is what my friend needed - good old practice worksheets for Dolch first grade sight words - I ended up with a 124 page packet!!
I used the 41 words, but for formatting purposes, I added another 4 nouns, just to keep it rounded to 45.  The finished pack has 2 pages of practice for each sight word.  After 5 sight words, I have included a 2-page fun review, using a word search, as well as a 2nd page to check for understanding and spelling.  
Here's a little look at the set up:
I am so excited about this pack!  
Sight words are such a huge part of the ‘learning to read’ process and repeated practice is a must for children to gain confidence in recognizing and reading these ‘tricky’ words.

This pack contains all of the Dolch sight words for first grade, but can equally be applied to below grade readers and advanced Kindergartners.

I have tried to include as many skills as possible to engage our young learners and hope that the practice contained within helps your students feel comfortable with the challenges presented in daily reading practice.

The pages can be printed back to back for paper saving and can also be made into a lasting 'book' for use throughout the year.

I have also included a workbook cover should you wish to contain the pages within a ‘book’.

Answer keys for the word searches can be found at the end of the pack.
I have even included a cheesy video for a sneak peek - it shows how the finished product should look after students have completed it.
Best of all, the pack is currently half price, however this offer will be finishing soon, so grab it while you can!  Just click on the pic below to purchase.  There is also a freebie sampler contained within the preview should you want to check it out first!
I really hope you find this product useful!

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