My New Project and a Giveaway!!

So, I said I had some plans........
Now, I have never claimed to be a photographer and if these results are anything to go by, then I appear to even have trouble pointing and shooting!  What was I thinking with that awful brown carpet?  It seemed like a good idea at the time - lol!
Anyhoo!  You will shortly be subjected to another one of my 'special' videos - hehe!  You have to let me have my fun!
After finishing up with my most recent pack:
Sight Words Dolch First Grade Print and Go Practice Worksheets Plus Review,
I had a request for Primer sight words.  I felt that the format used for the first grade words would be a little too challenging, so I set to work to come up with a different format.  I have one book completed and uploaded to my store - yay!  Now just another 51 to go - lol!
So, here's my challenge - can you guess the day/date I will have all 52 booklets completed?  If you get the date right - you will win all of them!!  How's that for a deal?!
The first booklet took some time to get just right, but now that I have the format I am happy with, the others should follow quite quickly.  The booklet has some white space because our pages are A4 size.  I have created it in letter size, so it will fit your paper, just not mine!  Note for the 'build' part, all I had at home were alphabet cookie cutters - lol!
Ready for the awful photos?  Haha!

The pages can be printed back to back for paper saving and as they are half size, you can print 2 booklets on one set of pages – just cut in half!


• Trace
• Write
• Color
• Stamp
• Build – wikki stix, play dough, magnetic letters etc – if students do build the words, they should remove materials before attempting to look through their booklets!! 
• Word search
• Circle the correct word
• Correct/incorrect spelling
• Read Mini Flip Book
• Write out the 4 sentences

Student Booklet

• Print out one full copy of the packet.

• You will require only Page 4 to Page 16 to make up 2 student booklets. Page 17 is for cutting only.

• Swap out blackline for color versions, if preferred.

• Print the pages back to back.

• Cut in half along the dotted line to have 2 booklets for 2 students. 

• Staple the pages together along the ‘spine’.

Mini Flip Book Directions

Page 17 is the students’ cutting page. 
Students should cut out all 3 pictures. Apply glue where they see the word ‘glue’, and stick into position on top of the ‘base board’ already in the booklet.
The students will then have 4 sentences to read and write out. 
For a perfect finish, make sure the picture without the word ‘glue’, comes last!

So, now that you have the info, click on the pic below to check out the booklet on TpT:

.......and last, but not least...... the thing you have all been waiting for - hehe!

Hope you enjoyed the video and get guessing!


All messages are heartily welcomed!

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