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Hey folks!! Got a little surprise for you!  Keep reading.......!

I am sorry I have been a little quiet on my blog! As usual – tons of stuff going on , but also because I have been busy beavering away creating new products! 

I have so many ‘series’ type creations in my head – I just don’t know when I am going to have the time and energy to make them all happen! 

Having said that – I am particularly excited about the next upcoming series, especially because I got to collaborate with two amazing blogger friends! 

The Fun Factory, Practice Makes Perfect and myself teamed up to share our expertise on this new series. 

It is called ‘Dig Into Digraphs Series’ and will offer everything you need to teach digraphs in the classroom. 

Our first packet of 14 print and go activities is the digraph 'th'. Your students will be:

• Identifying the th sound at the beginning and end of a word
• Finding words that begin or end with the letters 'th'
• Distinguishing if the 'th' sound is at the beginning or end of a word
• Producing 'th' words
• Spelling 'th' words
• Writing 'th' words
• Using the 3 cueing system to decode which 'th' word completes a sentence and makes sense

All of these skills are presented in a fun engaging format. Students will be reading, writing, drawing, graphing, cutting, gluing, and analyzing various words that include the digraph th.

This product is listed in all three stores.

This is our first pack: ‘Dig Into Digraph TH’. Just click on the pic below to see it in my store. 

We have also completed Pack 2: Dig Into Digraph SH 

We are pretty fast workers and also managed to get Pack 3 completed as well!! This is Dig Into Digraph CH. 

As you can see we are building towards a good series that will cover everything your kiddies need to practice with digraphs. 

We hope, so much, that these packs are something that might interest you. Although most will contain approx. 30-35 pages, we have kept the price low – each pack will cost only $3! 

When we finish up with the digraphs, we will continue our collaboration on blends – much work ahead!! 

So excited to be part of this and just know that this series will be cherished by many teachers! 

We wanted to launch this new series with a giveaway to allow you the chance to sample these products. 

The winner will receive all three completed packs, plus an extra surprise! Each one of us has donated a Gift Certificate to our stores - $10 value – that’s $40 worth of products!

Just enter the rafflecopter below and cross your fingers!

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