Fundraiser for baby Jay - update!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick update on Jay's fundraiser.
As it is the end of May, we have decided it is time to deactivate the bundles.
Just a couple of housekeeping things first!!
Bundle 3 was deactivated early in the month as it had a limit of 20 sales - apologies to anyone who might have been looking for it!  If you bought it, it is still available for download.
Bundles 1 and 2 are still available through this weekend.  Please note I have added an extra pack to both bundles.  These were a couple of late donations and in all the craziness I forgot to add them!  If you bought either Bundles 1 or 2, please re-download to get your extra goodies!
Please click on the pic above to find this bundle in my store!

Please click on the pic above to find this bundle in my store!

Jay has just completed his second round of chemo.  Once the side effects kick in, he starts to feel very poorly - spiking temperatures and sickness, however he still finds a smile for everyone!
Most of his hair has now gone apart from a little fluff!  Late last night he had a blood transfusion - this has become normal.  Many of the procedures are now becoming routine - he just soldiers on as best he can.   Mum and Dad can only take each day as it comes - waiting for test results, waiting for Jay's next procedure and so on.  At this stage there is no end in sight, so they will continue to live with him during his treatment.  Other than this little bit of news, Jay is no better, but he is also no worse.  We continue to pray for him and support his family as best we can.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought a clip art bundle - your support, generosity and prayers have been overwhelming!
A special thank you has to go to the donors of the bundles, without whom this fundraiser would not have been possible.  The clip artists below are amazingly talented and wonderfully generous - I can't thank them enough for everything they have done!
If you haven't yet grabbed one of these amazing bundles - do it this weekend, as they will not be available afterwards - who can say no to $70 worth of clip art for $15?!  Please spread the word - tell your friends, family and co-workers!  Thank you so much!

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