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Hey folks - it's been a while.  I've been hibernating in my cave trying to get resources ready specifically for the UK buyer, as the some of the marketplaces I work with are trying to reach out to UK teachers.  I'll put my hands up and say from the off that it is one of the most tedious processes ever - lol!  However, some headway has been made and I have resurfaced to breathe!
The content of this post will be about bringing you savings from deeply discounted products - what more could you want?!!

Super Savings #1:  This K-2 Curriculum Bundle is currently being offered on Educents.  
Two of my products are included in the bundle!

This amazing bundle is filled with great resources that are just perfect for one or all of these grades. Each of these amazing resources has been selected to help you teach key skills to your children or students in a fun and engaging way. This bundle includes 20 resources and covers all the key content areas (language arts, math, science and social studies).
The bundle will run for the rest of February, so grab it while you can at the supper discount of $19.99.  Just click the image, hop over to educents and take advantage of some super savings!

Super Savings #2: This bundle comes directly from me and is my very first growing bundle!
I am super excited to bring you my first ever growing bundle and it has been a joy to create!

Just click on the image to be transported to my store!!!
Photo posters are very popular in classrooms due to their impact on students. They provide teachers with a useful reference tool and a super visual aid to engage all ages and pique their curiosity to learn more!
Use these photo posters to introduce new topics, as an aid to research or a bulletin board display – they will look effective wherever you choose to use them!
This growing bundle already includes 12 packs at a total cost of $37 to buy individually.
When the bundle is finished it will have 20 packs in total, which would be a final cost of $61.
I will add 2 packs per month until the final total is reached. If you buy now, there will be no further additional cost to you! You will be able to download all 20 packs at the price you bought in at, whatever that may be. The current price is the lowest it can be until I add the next pack. The cost will then grow by $3 each time a new pack is added – so grab this bargain now before new packs are added in March.
Please check the preview to see what's currently included and how many posters you will receive. Two packs are slighter larger, the rest contain 15 posters.
{This offer will also be extended to my UK store, as some names differ}.
So, hopefully something here has wetted your appetite!  I will be back in a few days to continue my poorly neglected series 'Teacherpreneur Tips' - I can't wait to get back into my groove!

Speak soon!

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