Final Freaky Friday!

Hey folks!

Yes, I am still alive!  I had to take some time away from online ventures as life has been pretty crazy these last few months!  Where to start?!

Well, let's begin with the best news!  Baby Harry, grandchild number 10, was born on Sept 13th.  Such a mix of emotions, but such a blessing!  If you follow my blog, you will know that our youngest grandson Jay passed away from cancer just after his first birthday.  Everything went as smoothly as could be with baby Harry's birth and we now have the most gorgeous addition to our family!  

Please welcome Harry! Isn't he just adorable?!

Next up, we have been renovating our home, both inside and out - long overdue!  The house has been like a building site for almost 2 months.  Although we were only making small changes, we have been hit by delays.  In the midst of this, we had some family members to stay for a few days, straight after being brought down by the most awful shingles!  Four weeks and still ongoing nerve pain, but much improved!

Now you can laugh freely at this bit - we are having a gym built!!  We made part of our garden into a courtyard area and laid foundations for the gym - now delayed by a number of weeks!  I can't wait for it to be finished and kitted out!  Although the pic doesn't show it, there is a lovely fishpond and fountain to the right of the area shown.  We have since added some lighting and birdhouses - hubby has the tripod and camera at the ready!!  There are still some bits and pieces to finish off completely, but you can see the foundations (back right) where the gym will be.

So, that's it on the personal side!  We are hoping to have everything finished by Christmas, so we can relax and enjoy the holidays!

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Speak soon!

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