Sun, Sand and Savings Summer Sale!

There is only one way to start the summer (apart from relaxing, of course) and that is with some teacher retail therapy!!

Have a little look at this video to see if it inspires you!  Isn't it cute?!

So, here's what's happening this week, so keep an eye on my facebook page for those all important links!


Both of the above resources can be bought for only $1 - this is a great time to stock on for back to school.  Alongside my two are approx. 150 more resources at $1 too!

I created this Back to School All About Me Print and Go Workbook for my first graders. My intention is for them to complete it in their own time – perhaps when work is finished, or if I need some time in the first week of school when ‘chaos’ reigns!! 
The workbook is also a useful way for the teacher to gain some insight into their students' skill and ability levels.

I feel it should take at least the first week to complete and will hopefully kick start the teacher on the path to getting to know his/her students on a personal level. 

It is possible to copy pages 4 – 23 back to back, to form a 10 page workbook. The subsequent pages are activities which involve cutting and gluing, and will therefore need to be printed separately.
Below you will find all of the contents of the pack listed.  It is very comprehensive!

 Workbook Front Cover 
 Teacher Notes
 My Portrait 
My Name
 My Address
My Birthday
 Things I Do Well
 My Favorites
 My Favorite Things To Do
 My Family Tree
 My Home 
 My Dream
 My Goals
 My Favorite Book
 My Favorite Meal
 My Summer
 My Classmates
 Beach Glyph
 Beach Glyph Instructions
 Classroom Rules
 My First Week Of School
 My Box Full of Wishes Flip Flap
 Tastes I Like/Tastes I Dislike Sort

Today’s students are the problem-solvers of the future. If they are taught factual knowledge only, they tend to respond with conventionally correct answers rather than exploring creative solutions. All students can learn to think critically and creatively.

Students need to be able to judge, analyze and think critically in order to participate fully in a democratic and technological society. This can be achieved if the teacher recognizes the value of thinking skills and provides opportunities for the thinking processes to be modeled and developed.

This ‘Think Outside of the Box’ series provides teachers with straightforward ideas and activities to help students develop these skills. 

In this pack you will find 80 quick start task cards – 4 cards per page. I have provided 3 options for printing.

These ‘quick starts’ are ideal warm-up activities for the beginning of a lesson. They should be used flexibly and can be used in any order at any time. As these task cards are intended for repeated use, I would suggest laminating them for durability.

When to use: (10-15 minutes group/class)

• at the beginning of a lesson
• during circle time

 Brainstorm Task Cards x 8
 How Could You? Task Cards x 8
 It Won't Happen Task Cards x 8
How Do You Do It? Task Cards x 8
What If? Task Cards x 8
What's The Same? Task Cards x 8
How Many Ways? Task Cards x 8
 Recycle Task Cards x 8
 What's The Connection? Task Cards x 8
 Crazy Combinations Task Cards x 4
 Predict The Future Task Cards x 4

And for the rest of the week - see the image below:

You really won't want to miss Friday, because we are giving away a ton of prizes!  I hope you stop by to enter the rafflecopter - you might be one of the lucky winners!

So - I hope you have been inspired to hop over to TpT and stock up for back to school.  Now is the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain!

Until next time - happy summer break!

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! Who won't love a summer like this? Looking forward to all of these 'sun'sational offers! Thank you!


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