Teacher Treat Tuesday!

So..... February is the month of love......
and I want to show you how much you are appreciated as a teacher!

Teachers work SO hard and are often underpaid and under-appreciated.  How often do we hear negative comments about the profession?  How often do we hear negativity from parents and school management?  Much of this is unintentional but it does impact on our well-being!  I hear so often that teachers are burnt out and leaving the profession in droves!  Yet, despite it all, teaching is one of the most important and rewarding jobs anyone can do.  It's not just about the paycheck at the end of the month, it's a calling and a passion.  I admire anyone who has worked or wants to work as a teacher.

So, let's bask in some love and positivity, share our resources with hard-working teachers and take some stress out of planning time!

Help yourself to the freebies below.  If you have a freebie to share, just join the linky!  Feel free to share this blog link with your teachers friends - let's spread the love!

If you found our freebies useful, let me know in the comments - I'd love to bring this to you on a monthly basis!

Apologies - I have had to repost this today, Wednesday, as half the post appeared to have disappeared!!


HTML Tips and Tricks!

Well, it's been a while!!  Not only have I been busy creating new resources, but I have been taking time to update ALL my resource descriptions on teacherspayteachers, especially the earliest, to reflect current advice from the experts!  Whilst doing this for myself, I thought maybe I should share some tips with you. 
Whether you are a new seller on teacherspayteachers or a 'veteran', a little bit of change is always good!
I won't say what I have done in the past, as I really don't want to think about it - *cringe*, but I have found a system that works for me and may also offer some guidance for you too!
HTML is not for everyone, however a little bit of basic HTML is easily mastered and makes a world of difference to the look of your product descriptions - clear structure allows potential buyers to see the important bits at a glance!
So sit back, relax and read on!
Before I get to the body of product descriptions, I just want to tell you a little bit about snippets.

Below is an example of a 'snippet' - apparently these are very important!

These snippets contain three lines.  As a buyer browses a page of products, the first thing they will see from your description is these three lines.  It is essential to pack as much information as possible into those three lines to try and engage your buyer.  Not a waffly paragraph, but something that shows the nuts and bolts of your resource.  This text should also be keyword rich to push your resource as high up in the search rankings as possible - every little action can have big consequences!

How you present your product to potential buyers is of extreme importance - this is your chance to showcase your resource in all its glory!  If a buyer has narrowed their search down to a couple of products, they are likely to choose the product that has a clear and concise description as well as all the relevant detail - they can see clearly what is included in the resource.

If you have a look at a range of products for sale on TpT, you tend to see 3 styles of description:

STYLE 1: The 'I don't have time, I can't be bothered, one line will do' style.  An example of this would be:  'I have created a phonics resource for you'.  Not that rich in detail is certainly an understatement!

STYLE 2: This is the extreme opposite of style 1 - paragraph upon paragraph of non-essential detail.  The buyer just sees hundreds of words and is almost afraid to dive in there in case they get lost!  With no structure, no formatting, the buyer is left wondering how much of it they have to read to get to the important stuff.  Or indeed whether all that waffle is covering the fact that the resource itself is not that wide-ranging or engaging.

STYLE 3:  This is the one we should be aiming for.  The description will be clear and concise, have appropriate detail (think if you were searching - what details would be important to you as a teacher looking for a resource), a structured format where the most important bits jump out at the buyer, where they can easily see at a glance what is included in the resource.  All the while, the description should be written with key words in mind - you want your resource to be found, after all!

So..... how do you achieve Style 3?
My own personal preference is to write a couple of short paragraphs at the beginning of the description, then move on to clear and detailed lists.
Section 1: a general summary of what can be found in the resource.
Section 2: a general summary of skills covered and why in relation to the curriculum
Section 3: a list of actual content
Section 4: a list of related products that might interest the buyer
Section 5: an informative statement about following my store, giving feedback and contact details.

Obviously what you decide to include and how you include it is entirely up to you.  I would say however, that you should keep to the same format for all of your listings - how you style yourself is part of your brand.  Buyers who recognize and like your brand will become repeat buyers.

This is where HTML comes in.  Adding a little bit of code will help make essential detail stand out and catch a buyer's eye.  You can create the following text effects by copying the HTML code below.

Depending on how many products your store has, you may not have any related products to add.  However, many sellers create a series of resources and will have multiple related products to include.  
Just copy the HTML below to enable you to add the desired related products.

Now to the fun bit!  When I list the actual content of my resource, I love to add bullet points - the buyer's eye will often go straight to that section to see what content is included.  Rather than the traditional bullet, I like to change it up, depending on the resource.  For example, a Valentine's resource may have heart bullets, a St. Patrick's resource may have shamrock bullets, a weather resource may have umbrella bullets etc. 
Below you will find the HTML to create lots of fun bullet points.  Don't overdo it, but it's nice to show a little creativity!

So.....here endeth my tutorial!  I hope it has been of some use!  
Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may need it!

Bye for now!

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