We Go Noodling - Do You?

Well, have you been noodling? Lol!  Everyone seems to be catching on to this wonderful website!  
Just click on the image below to watch a useful video and check it out!

My class started a couple of weeks ago and if I dare let a day go by without showing it on my SmartBoard, I get serious trouble from my kiddos!

I have always included time for brain breaks in my daily schedule, as I have particular students who need it, but the whole class benefits as well.  If we have a long work session, my students need to get up and moving again - refreshed and motivated for what comes next on the timetable.  Brain breaks are particular useful on wet days when kids can't get out to play.

Go Noodle has it all going on -  from dance to zumba to sports to yoga!  You can get your students moving or calm them down - there is a wide range of activities to choose from.
There is also a demo class if you wish to check it out first.

To begin with, you get to choose your champion who will grow in size as your class completes the challenges.  We chose Freckles!  The champ tells silly jokes and asks questions.  Certificates are also available to reward your students for their progress.   You can see we are currently close to finishing Champ Level 2.  

My students have been asking to play at home.  Our class newsletter has a Tech Corner, so I added the details there.  Some are already on Level 6 - they are so keen - they absolutely love it!

You can select your favorite dance ..........

.......... or your favorite stretch:

You can sing along with your favorite songs:

Do some zumba ..........
.......... or some sport.
Choices are recommended by grade level and you can bookmark your favorites to return to them quickly when your students are raring to go and getting impatient!

I so hope you get on board - it is so much fun!!  I try to fit one in during the school day and one just before they go home - they always leave super excited and happy!  My old, creaking bones get a good work-out too!


  1. I use GoNoodle in my classroom also and the kiddos LOVE it!!

    1. It's great fun, isn't it?!! My kiddos get mad if we run out of time - lol! Best thing I've found in a long time!!

  2. You sold me! I just set up an account. I play music a lot to get them moving but this takes a lot of the research work out of it for me! Thanks!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Brandee - you won't regret it - so much fun and the kiddos are completely engaged and challenged! Have fun, noodling!! Haha!

  3. I found out about Go Noodle a few weeks ago from a colleague at work! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We even got in trouble by another teacher for being too loud because we were having so much fun! :) Kids deserve a fun way to get their energy out after a long day of hard work!

    Adventures in 4th Grade

    1. Lol - I can so empathize - my Principal has walked by on a few occasions with a frown - hehe! She can see my kids love it though! I just LOVE the fact that you can energize or calm depending on the need at the time. KEEP ON NOODLING!!!

  4. Can't wait to share this at my school. Soon we will be moving along too!
    With thanks
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. Oh, Julie - you and your colleagues won't regret it - the kids are so engaged and challenged - they moan at me if we miss a session! I enjoy the work out too! There is such a wide range of choice, you'll be noodling for years to come - haha! HAVE FUN!!


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