Field Trips - love 'em or hate 'em?

Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  My diary is packed full until the end of June - our last day is June 30th and I feel a little bit like I'm drowning!  My 'to-do' list is getting longer by the minute and I'm jumping from one thing to the next, without actually finishing anything or achieving very much!  I hope I'm not alone in this!  I really need to try and organize myself a little bit better.

Since I found out that I am moving to 2nd grade and moving rooms, I just want to get started with my packing!  I know I shouldn't be thinking about it now, as I still have 5 weeks to teach, but it is so hard to concentrate on the rest of this year.  I should be teaching and concentrating on my firsties, but find myself collecting resources and planning room themes!!  Many friends have been sharing resources and links to blogs to help me along the way and I just want to get moving!  

My poor kiddos are currently in the middle of standardized testing and when those are completed, they have to do end of year testing.  I know the last few weeks are going to be a hectic trying to cram in last bits of curriculum.  At least I am looping up with my class and know them already!

In the midst of all of this madness is, of course, those end of year trips!  We are very lucky to be able to do as many as we like.  With every new cross-curricular topic I teach, I try to plan a trip or invite a professional to come to our class.  We are currently studying animals, which will extend to mini-beasts by the end of the year.  Somehow we have managed to squeeze in a couple of trips.  I absolutely love being outdoors with my students.  Outdoor classrooms are currently coming to the fore and apparently every outdoor lesson is equivalent to six indoor lessons.  I am always amazed at the knowledge my students glean from one little trip!  Another advantage is that students are more relaxed and I get to spend proper personal time with them.  I know many teachers do not enjoy field trips, but for me - these are one of the highlights of my year.

How do you feel about them?  Have you planned many this year?  What has been one of your favorite all time field trips?  One of my total favorites was a week-long trip to Paris and Disneyland - we had so much fun!  These days I am not so keen on the residential trips, but I do love a day away!! 

We will be visiting this wonderful country park to study a woodland habitat.

There are some amazing  free resources at the following website:  Nature Detectives
One other trip we have planned is to Tropical World and Mini Zoo.  I have already visited ahead of time to check it out!  One disadvantage is the length of time travelling, but I know my kids will love it!

Our very last trip will be to a miniature railway - just for fun and a class picnic.  If weather and time permit, we hope to go rock-pooling and enjoy an ice cream together - a good mix of educational, pure fun and relaxation.

Now I have to hope that I manage to get everything packed in without becoming overwhelmed and also complete all the end of year paperwork.  The thought of report writing always seems to bring me out in a rash - lol!

I am sure many of you have now finished for the year - if not, I hope the last few days and weeks run smoothly and you have a feeling of accomplishment at the end!

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