Anyone who reads my blog posts will know about my little grandson Jay.  He has been in hospital since he was 4 months old.  He was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia which has proved to be treatment resistant.  (You can find details in my previous posts).  His last option was a stem cell transplant which took place in England about 3 weeks ago.  Sadly the stem cell transplant did not work.  Since then the disease has spread into his spinal fluids and central nervous system.  There are no further options now, although he is still receiving chemotherapy to try to halt the spread of the disease and keep him comfortable.  

Jay's first birthday is not for another couple of months but taking doctors' advice, Jay's parents have decided to hold a birthday party for him tomorrow.  It is important for the family to create as many precious memories as possible in the time left.  Jay has been allowed home for a few days before his next round of chemo, so tomorrow he will be dressing up as Superman, along with his Dad, to attend a special superhero themed party!

So..... this is where the challenge comes in!  Jennifer Kadar from 'Simply Kinder' had the wonderful idea of celebrating along with Jay.  Jay and his parents have gained many friends across the world in the last few months and I am calling on everyone to join in and celebrate Jay's special birthday with him.  

Jennifer suggested that everyone spend a moment with their families, take a photo and post it online with the hastag #celebrateBabyJay.  To pose for the photograph, it would be wonderful if you could hold a little cake or cupcake with 1 lit candle and perhaps write a message on a poster, saying who you are and where you are from (see example below).  Once the photo is posted online (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter), anyone who searches with the hashtag #celebrateBabyJay should find a wonderful array of smiling families from all over the world wishing Jay a happy birthday. 
Jay's parents are understandably very fragile right now and this little campaign would help lift their spirits so much.  For months now, they have had the most amazing support, but only Mum and Dad can really know what it is like to spend 6 months in hospital praying that their sick baby will get better.  They have ridden an emotional roller-coaster, had their relationship tested to the maximum, supported other families in vulnerable moments and have shown the most amazing courage and strength.  
Please support them by sharing the top image in as many places as you can - let's make this go viral!!

Thank you so much.
PS:  Thank you to Jennifer Kadar for the idea and Krista Ross Mahan for the wonderful graphic!

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