Ch-ch-ch-changes! Embracing 2016!

I have been in reflective mode lately - thinking back on 2015 and really what an awful year it has been - on the back of several bad years.... (this is a positive post, I promise!).

I am a passive person by nature - I take a back seat and let things happen to me.  This has caused untold problems over the last few years.  I finally 'got it' - if things were to improve, I needed to be pro-active and make things happen - the only person who could turn my life around was me!  So, I made some decisions - some small, some bigger!  These involved making changes in both my personal and 'business' lives - the two halves which make the whole me!

Where to start??  The simple puzzle above will tell you what has most been on my mind!  A combination of chronic illness, stress, bad habits and an increasing awareness that I was no longer one of the 'young ones', moved me to finally take action.
It's not as if these thoughts hadn't plagued me before - I would make a list of my good intentions and promptly fail, as my expectations were always too high.  I needed to make realistic goals and stick to them, not least because my 'failures' were having such a negative impact on how I viewed life and how I interacted with people.  

Yes, there are lots of things I would like to change - be cleverer, be slimmer, be prettier, be younger, be fitter, be richer.......but it was time to focus on what I could ACTUALLY change.  So in no particular order, I decided to make a start and change 10 things that would have the biggest impact on my life.

1.  I bought a nutribullet and swapped my breakfast for a healthy juice 
2.  I go to bed before 1am
3.  I plan my meals and only buy what I need
4.  I alternate walking, elliptical, rowing and weights workouts
5.  I decluttered my home
6.  I take the weekend off and plan fun things/spend time with my family
7.  I retired from teaching
8.  I turned my hobby into a business
9.  I volunteer at a local school and a dog rescue center
10.  I scheduled a 'work' day to grow my business

This list could be much longer, but I stuck to the things that are most important to me and will have the biggest impact on my health and well-being at the moment.  If you follow my blog, you will understand what has prompted these changes - there is no real need to list the whys here.

More generally, for a long time, I have been so frustrated with myself.  Most days were filled with resentment, exhaustion and stress.  I blamed others for my unhappiness, not really realising that it was me who needed to change - I finally understood that it wasn't too late - I couldn't live in my head any more, I had to make the best of the one life I had been given.

So, is there anything you can take from this blog post?  Hopefully yes!  Your list may be totally different than mine, but if you have felt anything like I have over the last few years, I implore you to start making those changes.  Make sure they are realistic and achievable - they don't have to be a major changes - just changes that will have a big impact on your happiness and well-being.

The biggest change I have made is to be pro-active about making changes, if that makes sense?! Even if I don't become slimmer or my business doesn't grow as I'd like, I still feel incredibly good that I am taking action. I am trying - I am not waiting around expecting things to change for me.

This quote is somewhat pertinent!

I finally got it!

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  1. Wendy, I love your "new" way of thinking! I have become somewhat complacent as of late, because the idea of change is scary. Congrats on your retirement and "phase 2" of life! I will be revisiting your ideas and trying to make some much-needed changes in my life. Thank you for the inspiration.


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