Teacher Treat Tuesday 1 - a great time saver!

So..... February is the month of love......and I want to show you how much you are appreciated as a teacher!

image of a stressed teacher needing help with planning

Teachers work SO hard and are often underpaid and under-appreciated.  How often do we hear negative comments about the profession?  How often do we hear negativity from parents and school management?  Much of this is unintentional but it does impact on our well-being!  I hear so often that teachers are burnt out and leaving the profession in droves!  Yet, despite it all, teaching is one of the most important and rewarding jobs anyone can do.  It's not just about the paycheck at the end of the month, it's a calling and a passion.  I admire anyone who has worked or wants to work as a teacher.

So, let's bask in some love and positivity, share our resources with hard-working teachers and take some stress out of planning time!

Help yourself to the freebies below.  If you have a freebie to share, just join the linky!  Feel free to share this blog link with your teachers friends - let's spread the love!

If you found our freebies useful, let me know in the comments - I'd love to bring this to you on a monthly basis!

Apologies - I have had to repost this today, Wednesday, as half the post appeared to have disappeared!!

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