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Mindfulness for Teachers

Ours is an age of global markets, intense competition, and time scarcity. As a result, many of us feel overwhelmed, irritable, and worn-out. We are constantly looking for a work/life balance or the next trendy way to relax.

Just look at the popularity of cookery shows and books…cookery books used to be the star of the bookshelves, but coloring books for adults appear to have taken over that role…

But why?
While drawing between the lines was once reserved for children, coloring is now being used as a form of alternative therapy to help adults relieve stress and anxiety.

“As part of the American Psychological Association’s Mind/Body Health campaign, a survey revealed the impact stress is having on Americans’ physical and emotional health. Harris Interactive conducted this online survey of adults and young people ages 8 to 17."
Key findings:
"Most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress, with 44% reporting that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. Concerns about money, work and the economy top the list of most frequently cited sources of stress. Fears about job stability are on the rise, with 49% of respondents citing such fears as a source of stress — up from 44 percent last year.” 

It's no wonder we're on a desperate search to find some inner peace!

So…. is getting out your coloring pencils the new weapon of choice in this battle to live a less stressful daily life?

Coloring is a great way to introduce yourself to the concept of mindfulness. You just have to observe children coloring to see exactly how absorbing the activity is. The action of coloring requires the mind to focus on the present moment and this can make mindfulness more accessible to stressed adults.

Coloring can also provide us with a simple distraction to take our minds away from a stressful day. This unique experience for adults can transport us quickly back to our carefree, responsibility-free childhoods, thus bringing calm back to our current situation – it provides us with that little bit of healing escapism.

Slower breathing, concentration and eventual calmness come from the fact that we are absorbed in a simple activity – that stressful, fast pace is swapped for a gentler pace and a sense of inner peace. Once we are in the zone, we feel better about ourselves and in turn are better able to communicate with others.

Coloring is our route to mindfulness, which encourages us to live in the present moment, as well as connect and interact with others.

So, what do you think? Is this a way to help teachers de-stress from the daily rigors of classroom life? Is this something that could help you? Why not give it a go? Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Let us share our gift with you today – stress free teachers mean happy students! 
Please come back and share your coloring with us – and tell us about your experiences – did it work for you?

The Focused Teacherpreneur Course (discount code within)

Hey folks - I was thinking about all you new TpT sellers out there today!

>As a new TpT seller, are you struggling to find your feet?  
>Are you overwhelmed with information coming at you from all directions?
>Do you have a sense of isolation and wish you could be in a group with like-minded people?
Well, I am pretty sure I have the answer to your problems!!

The Focused Teacherpreneur Course --created by the fabulous Shelly Rees!

...And there is a double whammy - you get to become a member of a hugely supportive facebook group - helpful and encouraging members and packed full of videos and challenges!  I can't tell you how much this course has motivated me when I was almost ready to give up!  Shelly is the most hard-working, creative and dedicated person I know - one thing I can guarantee is the you will absolutely not be disappointed!

Here is a little taster.....

"Course members have enjoyed the benefit of the video webinars, product planner aligned to the 8 steps, and Shelly's guidance and monthly challenges in a closed Facebook community. As a result, many members report greatly increased sales and a much higher level of success with their TpT businesses. 
Shelly now looks forward to sharing her expertise, strategies, and skills with other teacher-authors so they can achieve their desired level of success as teacherpreneurs!"

Below you will find the relevant information from the course - I highly recommend reading this!

About This Course  {This is a direct quote for the course website}

"Are you interested in joining hundreds of teacher-authors who have become ultra-focused and increased their level of success with their businesses? Then it's time to get focused, work with a plan, and be successful with the TpT Focused Success Course."

  • In this course, you will increase your productivity, improve your resources, and expand your customer reach. With your registration in this extra-helpful course, you will receive the following: 
  • 8 Webinar Videos: Each video focuses on one of the 8 Steps of TpT Focused Success. In the videos, Shelly shares strategies, tips, and ideas to help you get your product creation on track and improve your TpT business! It's work at your own pace, which is perfect for busy teacherpreneurs like you! 
  • Course Planner: This helpful planner helps you set productivity and marketing goals each month. For each webinar video, there is a section of the planner that you will complete by reflecting on your own business practices and products in your store. You can stay accountable by posting your progress and questions in our closed Facebook group! 
  • Tailwind Tribe Invitation: In this tribe, you will share your best pins created during the Pinterest session of the course! 
  • Inclusion in a Closed Facebook Community Group: Many course members report this as being their favorite part of the course. Why? Well, this community is positive, encouraging, and helpful. It's pretty amazing! You can ask any questions you have about the course and the world of TpT, and we are right there to help you! 
  • Monthly Challenges: Who doesn't like a challenge? What better way to stay focused and on-track than by participating in an organized monthly challenge? At the beginning of each month, Shelly gives some helpful tips and encouragement, and then announces the new challenge via a Facebook Live inside the group. And, yes.....of course there are prizes!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Don't delay another minute! It's time to get focused, work with a plan, and be successful!

This course is the ultimate tool in helping you get on the right path to accomplishing your TpT goals!"

Just click the image above to find the course {affiliate link}

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Freaky Friday Final Week!!

Time sure flies when you're having fun....

It's hard to believe today is the FINAL week of Freaky Friday for 2017!

We're all hoping you found lots of great deals each week and will be ghoulishly happy with what we have to offer this week!

If you are new to 'Freaky Friday' here is how it works!
40+ Teacher Authors have teamed up to bring you a dollar deal each Friday in October.
The deal is good for ONE DAY ONLY!

To find all the deals simply:

1. Click this image:

It will bring you directly the the list of deals being offered on Teachers Pay Teachers!

2. Use the linky at the bottom of this post to find the participating stores. You can click the first image in the linky to find ALL THE DEALS for the week or click each individual seller's picture to find what they are discounting for the day!

So, what am I offering this week?  Well - it's a brand new product!  This Halloween Math pack includes Halloween Graphing and Skip Counting.

Challenge your students to some fun Halloween Math! This pack contains Halloween themed graphing and skip counting puzzles. Bright, fun and engaging, these math centers are sure to keep students captivated!

Print, laminate, cut where appropriate, and you are good to go for years to come!
Handy, ink-saving blacklines are included!

Graphs x 10 in both color and blackline
Skip Counting Puzzles x 8 in both color and blackline

So, that's it for today!  Hope you have fun shopping up a storm!

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