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TpT Cyber Sale Giveaway - 2 x $100 Gift Cards!

Guess what's coming your way?!  Yes, it's that time again - the TpT Cyber sale!!


Are you excited?  Are you ready to shop?  Then let us help you with that!!

We are hosting a fabulous rafflecopter giveaway for 2 x $100 gift cards - woohoo!  Just imagine what you can buy with one of those!!  To win, just enter the rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed!  The winners will be emailed in plenty of time to spend, spend, spend!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals Week 4

I'm back with Week 4 of Freaky Friday and our very last one!!  The month has just flown - far too fast for me!

Just to remind you what's happening......throughout the month of October, we are bringing you 4 weeks of incredible $1 deals on over 40 products!

If you have followed me for the past four years, you might remember that each October I join a group of sellers to offer $1 Deals each Friday in October!

Here is how it works:

Each Friday the participating sellers will select one product from their store (normally priced $3-$5) to mark down to just $1 for the day!

How will you find these products?

1. Click THIS IMAGE:

2. Follow this hashtag on Instagram → #freakyfridaypegs

3. Click the links to the participating stores in the linky at the end of this post and it will take you directly to that store's $1 deal for the day (it will be updated each week to the new product)!

You can also click the first link - it will bring you to all the $1 deals of the day!

So what will you find from me this week? 

My chosen pack is just perfect for Thanksgiving!

This fun, but challenging Thanksgiving Puzzle Pack is useful for early finishers at a busy and distracting time of the year! Packed full of engaging puzzles, using key Thanksgiving vocabulary, your students are sure to find something to focus on!  Answer keys and and an ink-saving copy are included!


  • Workbook Cover
  • Word Challenge x2
  • Turkey Maze
  • Pumpkin Maze
  • Join the Dots: Turkey
  • Join the Dots: Pumpkin
  • Wordsearch 1: Easy
  • Wordsearch 2: Food
  • Wordsearch 1: Hard
  • Word Shapes
  • Codebreaker
  • Secret Trails
  • Word Scrambles
  • Word Links
  • Color by Code: Numbers 0-10
  • Symmetry x 8
  • Answer Keys
  • Blacklines

Ready To Find All the $1 Deals for Week 1 of Freaky Friday? 

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