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The Ultimate TpT Business Planner - all-in-one solution!

Please tell me I am not alone…!

As a teacher, I was always super organized - whether it be lesson plans, my store cupboard or classroom set up – I thrived on being organized, so that I could have a (relatively) stress free work day. However – at home, it often feels like an alien entity has invaded my mind – I just can’t get it together! 

You will know that I took early retirement in 2016 due to health issues. I now devote as much time as I can to my TpT store, but in 2 years I have failed miserably to organize a proper working day for myself! 

Add being a night owl into the mix and my inability to understand the word STOP and you may get a picture of a pretty chaotic day! To make sure that my virtual world did not overtake my real world, I ended up organizing an office outside of my home. The idea was that I switch off, lock the door and leave for the day. I would give myself an hour before the hungry husband arrived home and then relax after dinner. The plan was good in theory, but it hasn’t quite become a habit yet! 

On top of this, no matter how many notebooks I acquired or how many work schedules I set up for myself, I just could not get myself organized, especially when it came to not only balancing work and life, but also balancing the 4 main aspects of the business element: product creation, marketing, blogging and data. 

For the last 2 years, brewing at the back of my mind, has been the idea of some kind of all-in-one solution and when summer hit, I set to work to create something that I could just print off, stick in a binder and grab every day when I started work. Well, I got there in the end and I am pretty pleased with the result – even if I say so myself - lol! 

Here’s what I wanted to achieve: 
  • all-in-solution - to avoid have bits and pieces spread all over the place 
  • no color ink - so I would be happy to print the whole thing out year after year 
  • fun injection - inspirational quotes to keep me inspired and a bit of coloring to allow my mind to rest and gather thoughts/ideas 
  • extra tips and tricks - to be kept at the back of the binder for handiness 
  • image dimensions - not only in Photoshop, but those all-important PowerPoint sizes!! 
  • data analysis - for my monthly earnings 

I can’t tell you how excited I was to get this project underway and finished! And of course, to share with other sellers, because I truly believe it will help others just as much as it will help me. It is set up to begin in July, as I figure most TpT sellers are starting to think about getting ready for back to school. Mine is printed, in a binder and just waiting to be put to good use in a week's time! I can’t wait to begin and really hope I have found my all-in-solution to keeping it together and keeping me on track! Basically, I set out to achieve a grab and go, so once I start using it, I may find that I need to adjust things…so watch this space!

Photo of planner with text "The Ultimate Planner for busy TpT sellers"

What’s Included? (There's an 8 page preview to check if the content is suitable for you)

This Ultimate TpT Business Planner started out as a way to keep myself focused on all aspects of my business. I had bits and pieces all over the place and often struggled to find the relevant document – squirrelled away with a document name I had long forgotten! 

I wanted something that would keep me on track, cover all essential areas and last for a year – rinse and repeat! I needed something I could just print, put in a binder and grab every morning when I started work.

And so it began…and grew… 

I realised that other sellers could perhaps benefit from this planner, so I added some inspirational quotes to keep you motivated every month and tapped into the current coloring trend by adding a simple design touch. There are times, during work, when we just need to collect our thoughts and have a doodle, so why not color? It’s very relaxing! It was essential, due to size, that the planner would not use color ink, so I felt this design was best. 

This resource is divided into 4 parts. Part 1 is the planner and Parts 2-4 are bonuses. 


• Product Planner
• Marketing Planner 
• Blog Calendar 
• Monthly and Yearly data Trackers 
• Bonus Pages 



PART 4: EXCEL DATA SHEET: Annual Earnings and Growth


• Product Cover Page
• Notes
• Contents Table 
• Binder Cover 
• Planner Cover 
• Long Term Goals 


• Goals
• Product Ideas 
• Essential Elements 
• Calendar 
• Weekly Snapshot x 5 


• Marketing Master
• Marketing Deep Dive 
• Weekly Schedule x 5 


• Monthly Blog Ideas
• Planning Calendars 


• TpT Statistics
• Facebook Ads 
• Pinterest Ads 
• Twitter Ads 
• Business Expenses 


• Monthly Sales
• Site-wide sales 
• Store sales 
• Total Income/Expenses 


On some of these pages I have already added links which you may find useful. I have also added FILLABLE BOXES to allow you to edit and add you own links. If you wish to just print and complete by hand, the fillable boxes will be invisible when printing.

• Password Safe
• Techy Tools
• Stock Photos 
• Clip Collective 
• Cool Courses 


• Social Media Basics
• Post Characters Counts 
• Post Suggestions 
• Social Media Pixel Image Sizes 
• Action Shots 
• Font Pairing 


• Templates Notes
• Custom Office Template Tutorial 
• Dimensions Table 
• PowerPoint Templates x 17 
• Photoshop Templates (PSD) x 17 


• Notes
• Excel Data Sheet 2006-2025, plus % growth comparison 
• Graph 1: Month and Year 
• Graph 2: Year to Year Comparison 

I really hope that others will see the value in this. I have priced the planner to be affordable, taking into account the purchase of paper and ink. However, the best thing is, that once purchased, you have access for a lifetime, plus all updates too!

On a final personal note - grand-baby number 11 (Teddy James) arrived two weeks ago - isn't he adorable?! He was a bit of a chunk, but mum is doing well now! 

On a very final note - midnight on the peninsula!


Encouraging Growth Mindset in the Classroom (with a FREEBIE)

Excited child with text "encouraging growth mindset in the classroom"

Of late, there has been a lot of talk in the media and education circles about the importance of building ‘resilient’ learners. In essence this means teaching students to have a growth mindset. So, how do we encourage a growth mindset in the classroom?  First, we need to know what a growth mindset is...

What is a growth mindset? 

A growth mindset is a person’s belief about the nature of intelligence. Although we are born with a certain level of intelligence, we can develop it during the course of our lives through effort, strategies, facing challenges and learning from our mistakes. If a student has a growth mindset, it means that when they face a challenge and fail, they tend to be more persistent and this in turn improves their ability to learn. Having a growth mindset should ensure that students reach their full potential. 

As students begin to develop a growth mindset, they will no longer need to engage in various self-protection strategies. This will, in turn, improve behavior, increase general outlook and help them control their emotions.

What is a fixed mindset? 

Conversely, if you have a fixed mindset, you believe that you are born in a particular way and don’t have much scope for change. If a student with a fixed mindset fails at something, they tell themselves that it’s because of who they are and there’s not a lot they can do about it. Students who have a fixed mindset can fail to reach their potential – they believe they can’t change and therefore have no strategies for coping when things get a little tough. Because these students avoid challenges, lack effort and perseverance, they deny themselves the opportunity to improve. 

Research tells us that most children naturally have a growth mindset, but their experiences at home and school can change that. At a very young age, they realise that people around them are making judgments about their ability and as a result of this, begin to make judgments about themselves.

Ways to develop a growth mindset: 

1. Think about the language you use when talking to your students. For example: ‘You are so good at Math’ – using fixed language like this can lead a student to believing they are ONLY good at Math, thus developing a fixed mindset where they don’t believe they can change, grow and improve in all areas. 
It’s natural to want to praise children when they do something well, but we need to do this carefully. Praising students without clarifying the process by which they got to that point, can lead to the belief that being good at something is out of their control. Understanding how they got there is key! Praise the process! 

2. Give focused feedback – positive and negative. ‘I love how you drawn that person’s face – I can see their happy expression’ or ‘I think you could get this math problem right if you tried again. Your feedback encourages students to build strategies when they are struggling – you are telling them to try again, try harder or try another way. 

3. Having high expectations and challenging your students will help them perform better. (Low expectations create less growth in the brain). However, don’t make the mistake of equating high expectations with pressure – ‘I will be disappointed if you don’t get this *task* right’ will only lead to self-doubt and failure. 

4. Train your students to celebrate mistakes, rather than hiding them. Some schools have a learning mistakes board. Students are given time to share the mistakes they have made that day and discuss what they have learnt from them. Helping students to face their mistakes head on will lead them to see these as a necessary part of the learning experience for all students. 

5. Use inspiring role models in your classroom. Think about your child’s favorite athlete or musician and talk about their journey to success. We call this ‘unravelling the talent myth’. If someone has done well we have a tendency to think they were born that way. Rather than focusing on somebody’s ‘natural talents’, focus on their early efforts, strong work ethic, and the mistakes and learning that led them to where they are now. 

This clip may be useful to show your students: 

To help students understand what a growth mindset is, many teachers employ growth mindset quotes and create bulletin boards with them. 

I made the following set for my classroom and combined them with the current trend for ‘mindfulness’ through coloring. 

Click here for your Growth Mindset Quotes and Coloring Posters Pack on TpT

This pack of 25 growth mindset quotes on coloring pages for students is a great addition to your elementary classroom and an ideal medium for developing a growth mindset in your students. 
The printables, once completed, create a colorful display on bulletin boards and remind your students of the 'power of yet' and the ability of their brains to grow! Students can also place the posters in their binders or notebooks for constant motivation.  Added bonus: great for fine motor skills too!

Would you like to try them? Grab this little freebie {here}.

Click here for your FREE growth mindset coloring printable

...and always remember - THE POWER OF YET!

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